GS Bike Lab

100% custom built mountain bikes

The Bike Lab is the lair of our alchemists.
Their objective?
Create unique bikes, one component at a time.

We can accompany you in the design of a new and personalized frame or simply upgrade certain components in order to "pimp" your ride.
The Bike Lab is a space dedicated to the creation of dream bikes, "Dream Builds" as the Chinese say...
Custom-designed bikes with top-level frames and components.
Each machine will be unique and exclusive.
Yes, she will turn heads, but more importantly, her performance will be stellar.
There is no special project at our test!

Ride and dream without limits!

Our commitment: To listen to you, to hear you, to guide you, in order to develop, down to the smallest detail, the bike you deserve.


Astrid de Bellefon

Toujours serviables, souriants et accueillants, même quand ils sont occupés. Merci 🤩

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Christian Pavilanis

Thanks Joel for the top notch service, as always

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