GS Bike Workshop

Repair and maintenance of your bikes
from early/end of season tune-ups to emergency repairs

Precision and dedication

If you are really, really talented, you can do without our technicians.But if you're like most mortals and don't have the time or talent to get into fixing or fine-tuning your intricate mountain machine, we're here.

We have the tools and knowledge to get your bike back on track, whether it's fork maintenance, brake adjustment, wheel alignment, or any other bike need.

Do you drive electric? No problem, we can take care of the mechanics of your bike and do the diagnostic tests of the Rocky Mountain bike drive system.

Do you ride the trails of Sutton and need an emergency repair? Our door is wide open to you.
Of course, we can also pamper your road and gravel bike.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Visual  Inspection
Checking  / tightening bolts and fasteners
Brake  adjustment
Derailleur  adjustments
Lubrification  of the chain
Tire  inflation and pressure set
Headset  adjustement
Follow-up  recommendation
Frame  cleaning
Wheel  cleaning
Disassembly  and cleaning of transmission and components
Headset  overhaul
Bottom  bracket overhaul
Wheel  set alignment
Specialized  Services
Suspension  and seat post dropper
Fork  Full service 50 hours (in shop)
50$  labour + parts
Shock  Full service 50 hours (in shop)
50$  labour + parts
Suspension  tune-up recommendations
Hydraulic Brakes
Full  servicing (in shop)
Brake  bleed and maintenance (available for most market brands)
15$  service + 10$ oil / brake
Hydraulic  hose, brake master cylinder and piston maintenance and  replacement (SRAM and Shimano)
25$ /  regular hose, 40$ /  internal hose
Wheel maintenance service
Custom  wheel builds
available  on quotation
Rim  swaps
available  on quotation
Diagnostic  and trueing of wheels and spoke tension
25$ /  wheel
Wheel  hub and free hub body maintenance
available  on quotation

GS Workshop Programs and Rates

We've designed tune-up programs to suit your bike's needs and keep it in good running condition.

Emergency and à la carte (individual) services are also part of our services available at all times.

Cutting-edge expertise

Our mechanics went back to school this winter and spring to train in the latest advances in bicycle mechanics.This learning and their knowledge ensure that you receive the best possible service, so that your bike rides like never before.


Astrid de Bellefon

Toujours serviables, souriants et accueillants, même quand ils sont occupés. Merci 🤩

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Christian Pavilanis

Thanks Joel for the top notch service, as always

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